What is ProxyImage?

ProxyImage is a free platform which generates proxy images run time for developers to use. See below examples:

How to use?

There's no rocket science behind this. Its pretty simple and easy to use.. All you need to do is provide following attributes with base URL like this:

  • Examples with size parameter:
    • https://using.proxyimage.codeportal.in/?size=300x150
    • https://using.proxyimage.codeportal.in/?size=300x100
    • https://using.proxyimage.codeportal.in/?size=400x100
  • Examples with text parameter:
    • https://using.proxyimage.codeportal.in/?size=100x100&text=PI
    • https://using.proxyimage.codeportal.in/?size=500x200&text=ProxyImage
    • https://using.proxyimage.codeportal.in/?size=400x200&text=DUMMY
  • Examples with font_size parameter:
    • https://using.proxyimage.codeportal.in/?size=50x50&font_size=10
    • https://using.proxyimage.codeportal.in/?size=200x50&font_size=20&text=DUMMY

Want some more features??

You can use textcolor and bgcolor parameters to change image and text colors as per your project requirements. See below examples:

Ex: https://using.proxyimage.codeportal.in/?size=200x200&font_size=35&bgcolor=ffaa00&textcolor=ffffff